Growing spiritually requires a close cooperation with God and the Holy Spirit, but it involves intentional effort on our part to listen, submit, and set our minds on the right things. This collection of tools and resources may help you in your desire to grow.

  • – A resource site of graphics and Sunday School material.
  • – A devotional page with options for receiving daily devotional messages.
  • Search My Heart (pdf) – a two-week personal meditation to identify areas of growth
  • Twelve Areas of Discipleship (pdf) – a listing of twelve distinct aspects of our walk as disciples which you can use as a tool to reflect upon your own walk with God.
  • Personal Growth Worksheet (pdf) – a simple worksheet which can help you structure your own thoughts about specific areas you are led to focus your growth efforts.
  • Spiritual Goal Worksheet V2 (pdf) – an updated worksheet to help you reflect and define personal spiritual growth goals.
  • Some Books on the subject include:
    • “Celebration of Discipline” by Richard Foster – explores different spiritual disciplines and offers specific practical suggestions about practicing them. ISBN 0-06-062839-1
    • “The Blazing Center” by John Piper examines the meaning of having God be the soul-satisfying source of all things. This is the study guide to a DVD lesson set that you can borrow from the office ISBN 1-59052-685-6
    • “Desiring God” by John Piper subtitled confessions of a Christian hedonist. ISBN 1-59052-119-6
    • “Pilgrim Heart” by Darryl Tippens – explores the way of Jesus in everyday life. ISBN 0-9767790-7-2
  • Bible Reading Plans
    • 12 Weeks, Read from both NT and Psalms each day [pdf]
    • 26 Weeks, Read from Matthew to Revelation [pdf]
    • 26 Weeks, Read from both NT and Psalms-Proverbs each day [pdf]
    • 50 Weeks, Read from Genesis to Revelation each day [pdf]
    • 50 Weeks, Read from both NT (Matthew-Revelation) and OT (Genesis-Malachi) each day [pdf]