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  1. gvs says:

    I talked wihth the CERT administrator in Dowell and learned that the “big cities” (like Carbondale) have emergency response teams and her setup in Dowell was for rural communities that are likely to not be easily reached in case of a major disaster, such as an earthquake that destroys bridges. Moreover, she said the Red Cross furnishes emergency items to small disasters such as families losing a house due to a fire. So at the moment I am not enthusiastic about setting up relief efforts within the Church because it would be duplicating the existing network of disaster agencies. Our give-away-day effort is a worthwhile effort. Finding a poor family to which we furnish general support may be a worthwhile project.


  2. geriatricjo says:

    I think the idea to start an emergency supply for such events is a good idea. We could make a list of things we think would be needed in such an event and then designate an area in the building for the storage of such items.


  3. gvs says:

    After the presentation last Wednesday about the Churches of Christ Disaster Relief Effort I asked if their effort involved minor disaster reliefs, such as a house burning down or some local disaster involving only one family. The answer was: they respond only to National Disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, floods, fires and other disasters declared to involve a significant number of people.
    So I propose we start a mini disaster relief effort based in our church to respond to local and/or area disasters such as a house fire, wind damage, small floods or any such disaster that affects maybe only one or two families. Already we have give-away-day during which we furnish items to needy families, we conduct the annual BBQ during which we furnish food for anyone who comes, and we regularly furnish items to Night Shield. I propose we conducted an ongoing relief effort for disaster victims in which we furnish food, toiletries, clothes, and some other basic items on an emergency basis. Perhaps some of us could get certified by the CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) program and we can learn to assemble and have available several boxes of food (non perishable) for a family, specific clothing items, and basic toiletries for immediate relief. Soon we will have a new fire station down the street from us and we might be able to connect with them on fire disasters to which we could respond. Connecting with other agencies in the area might help us learn of and respond to other disasters.


  4. Steves says:

    There are some good ideas in this thread, when we meet Sunday Dec 2nd, we will want to be able to integrate your plans into the first two 6 week cycles of 2012.


  5. geriatricjo says:

    I looked at different items on the Oriental Trading site and found several ideas. One was tiny rubber finger puppets of the biblical people in the nativity scene. We could order some of them and then have them on hand for small children to play with during services when they are restless. Also there are several nice choices of pages to color also of the nativity scene. Any ideas/comments ??


  6. ttaylor says:

    These are all great ideas.

    Jo: #5 looks like it is missing a word. Is this “each members method of contact”?

    Looks like we need to come up with a list of folks who have volunteered. Otherwise we will forget who is doing what.

    I am intrigued with what can get ordered from oriental trading. Do they have little Bible activity items that we could hand out to visitor’s children?


    • geriatricjo says:

      Yes, I meant to say–preferred method of contact for each member i.e. –cell phone; internet, etc.

      I don’t have a Oriental Trading magazine, but I will look on line.


  7. says:

    In home – bible hour. One family each week take a Sunday evening (such as with Life Group) 0r 6-7 service and host it in their home. Herrin COC may provide a road map in that they are currently hosting this type format. Note- Church building service is still an option. This may make us a closer family when we get to know one another outside of the church building. This did cause some conflict in the past in that seniors seem to mingle with seniors and young adults among their peers. However, relationship grew.

    College Catch-Up: once a month activity with college students to have a stress relieving activity or event together. Boating, skating, bowling, horse back riding, movie, play, dvd with popcorn, game night, in home study hall (where host provide food and calm environment for finals/mid terms), shopping trip, round table discussions, spa day whatever the college students need to help get through college life.


  8. says:

    I like the bible concept. Maybe we could have mini bibles in the foyer for visitors which include a stamp-imprinted copy of our church with map and demographics. Include small notepads and pencil set. (may be ordered on Oriental Trade/LTD, etc for cheap, Im sure).

    A visitors book on the foyer table may help the clerical team keep up with visitors that dont want to fill out the cards on the bench. (They have very little notice to complete card and drop in finance tray.- just recommendations.


  9. geriatricjo says:

    Our team has discussed: 1) Idea that when there are pecial financial needs that it should be
    announced in class or from the pulpit
    2) That a person should be designated as the chair person for
    anyone in need of food—JoLynn voluntered to be responsible for
    3) Idea to provide Bibles for the children at the Nights Shield—
    the staff at Nights Shield said that they already had some
    4) Need to send a note to any new visitors the week after their
    visit—–Karen Fozard said that she would take care of this
    Bonnie is ready to assume the responsibility
    5) Idea was brought up to make each members method of
    up to date
    6) We reviewed all of our current “good Deeds”—Friends Speak;
    Bar-b-q; Nights Shield; Give Away Days; Mission trip


  10. says:

    At the last meeting a suggestion was made to check with Night’s Shield about providing Bibles for the kids when they leave. I emailed Cindy and told her about the interest of the group and asked if Night’s Shield could legally give kids Bibles. She said they can do that only if the kids want them. However, she said she has a supply of New Testaments which someone has donated for that purpose. She added: “Thanks for all you do.” This congregation is well known to staff at Night’s Shield.


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