100 Minutes with God

Join me in committing to spend 100 minutes with God this week; that is less than 15 minutes per day.  Challenge yourself to spend 5 minutes in silence, 5 minutes reflecting on a short passage of Scripture and 5 minutes in prayer…..each day. Then share your experience with others.

1Peter 2:2 “Like newborn babies crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation, now that you have tasted that the Lord is good.”

Spiritual Growth Emphasis

The first 6 week cycle of 2009 will focus on personal spiritual growth. The leadership would like every member of the congregation to spend these six weeks reflecting on their own needs for spiritual growth and to set some concrete spiritual growth goals for 2009. We want to continue to be an intentional congregation with a particular focus on helping every member to grow.
Resources Page

2009 Embracing Grace

The theme for 2009 is Embracing Grace. Grace is an idea familiar to our thinking but sometimes it is foreign to our hearts. We accept that God has extended grace to us, but we continue to pursue righteousness following rules, we continue to feel the need to appease God’s anger, and we continue to feel guilty. In cycles 2 and 7 we will focus specifically on Embracing Grace and the idea of grace will also flow through all of our other studies this year. We Invite you to join us as we study the following areas in a series of six week studies:

  1. Personal Spiritual Growth
  2. Embracing Grace I
  3. Power Over Sin
  4. Colossians
  5. Jonah-Habakkuk
  6. 1-3 John
  7. Embracing Grace II
  8. Esther / Song of Solomon

Our Life In Christ

A one page overview of six important aspects of living the Christian life. If you are considering becoming a Christian, this study will give you a clearer picture of what life in Christ is all about. lifeinchrist.pdf

Search My Heart

This 14 day Spiritual Self examination will help you search for God’s will in your life as you grow in faith. The goal of this self-examination is to sharpen your awareness on specific ways your relationship with God could be strengthened. searchmyheart.pdf

2008 Becoming An Intentional Congregation

This year we are going to be focusing our efforts on becoming a more intentional congregation. Intentional as individuals and intentional as a church. We Invite you to join us as we study the following areas in a series of six week studies

  1. Becoming an Intentional Congregation
  2. Personal Spiritual Growth
  3. Being Salt & Light
  4. Knowing the Message
  5. New Kingdom / New Covenant
  6. One Another
  7. Ephesians
  8. Deuteronomy