2009 Embracing Grace

The theme for 2009 is Embracing Grace. Grace is an idea familiar to our thinking but sometimes it is foreign to our hearts. We accept that God has extended grace to us, but we continue to pursue righteousness following rules, we continue to feel the need to appease God’s anger, and we continue to feel guilty. In cycles 2 and 7 we will focus specifically on Embracing Grace and the idea of grace will also flow through all of our other studies this year. We Invite you to join us as we study the following areas in a series of six week studies:

  1. Personal Spiritual Growth
  2. Embracing Grace I
  3. Power Over Sin
  4. Colossians
  5. Jonah-Habakkuk
  6. 1-3 John
  7. Embracing Grace II
  8. Esther / Song of Solomon