Kids Team

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6 thoughts on “Kids Team

  1. Steves says:

    Our first two cycles for 2012 will be “Growing Together” and “Praying Together” any thoughts on how to integrate kid things into those two cycles?


  2. Kay Taylor says:

    As a review of October 28th’s meeting, we brainstormed a few ideas for bringing children into the church building.
    1) Shopping time for parents to leave kids for a few hours while Christmas shopping.
    2) Movie night
    3) Tutoring
    Kenykay to talk to Boys & Girls club to see if they have a need or know of a need our church could fulfull.


  3. Steves says:

    I wonder about the possibility of using LTC as a way to recruit participation with kids. Keep the number of events limited and find a way to promote it like Upward sports


  4. ttaylor says:

    I am excited about our plan to come up with eight 6 week emphasis groupings next year. I can seee us picking a different activity for kids each of the 6 week periods.


  5. says:

    What ever happen with VBS?

    Need ways to find kids, transport kids, motivate kids and retain kids.

    1-hosting movie nights or video for community children with snacks on Saturdays at noon til 2pm.
    2- Talking with Boys and Girls Club to see what role COC can play in educ/character enhancement for children held on Saturdays at he church or one open evening- note we will need volunteer host and materials. With someway of encouraging them to return for Sunday School.
    3- Plan kid events to see speakers, SIUC events (Basketball, bowling, baseball, theatre, science and Craftshop projects once a month at low cost -some are free..i.e. $3-5). Note- COC providing transportation.


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