Visibility Team

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2 thoughts on “Visibility Team

  1. ttaylor says:

    I agree with Tone that “visibility” is more than just signs. I think it would be great to get more use out of the building during the week. I would like to offer to teach a class about family internet safety.


  2. says:

    If we cannot move forward financially or spiritually to make ourselves more visible by moving locations. can we look into restoration of the Church of Christ lettering on backside as well as possible larger/Taller sign that is visible from route13. Evening if it is a rented space on Rural Kings or Car wash lot for advertisement (or just to remind folks we are here).

    Host community speakers, authors, physicians, performers to present “Point of View”, topics, speeches, wellness/health related issues 1-2 times monthly, free for the community (similar to Library) to get visibility and usage of the building. Dinner and a topic venue may work (cost$3 cheap ONLY to replenish food cost)- CPR, Diabetes, Hypertension, Arthritis, Craft Projects for the holidays -seek teachers (church and non-church) with craft talents or health educators willing to volunteer time for small or large group.

    Start a exercise program or healthy eating motivation program along with (talk with SIUC dietary or SIH dietary) other resources to offer educ classes periodically at the building.


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